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3 heating myths debunked

At WW Brown & Sons we hear all sort of myths about central heating, plumbing, and how to make sure that you’re using energy efficiently. Here our heating engineers address a few of these myths…

energy myths‘You should leave your heating on low all day to save money’

According to the Energy Saving Trust, the idea that it’s cheaper to leave the heating on low is a myth – to save energy you should only have the heating on when necessary. Use a timer to ensure that the heating turns on and off when you need it, perhaps coming on 20 minutes before you wake up or get home from work.

‘The hot water boiler should be on all the time’

If your central heating system is gas, oil or LPG, you will save the most money by timing the system to come on only when it needs to (again, before you get up or before you get ready for bed).

However, if you use an electrical immersion heater and your tariff is cheaper at night, ensure that your boiler is on overnight. Keep your tank well insulated so it doesn’t lose heat during the day.

‘Use the thermostat instead of the radiator valves to control heating’

Although there is little difference in energy efficiency between the two, the difference is how quickly each allows the room to heat up.

The thermostat controls the room temperature – once it hits the set temperature, the radiators will go off until the temperature drops again. Radiator valves affect how quickly a room will heat up and reach this temperature.

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