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Renovating your home: where to start

The Harborough Mail has published some advice when it comes to renovating your home.

Julia Gray, editor at the Northampton Telegraph gave five key tips for where to begin when renovating and refurbishing to create value…

  1. Begin with the essentials – Start with rewiring, replumbing, replacing the central heating system and addressing any damp or structural problems that could wreak havoc later on in the process. WW Brown are able to provide each of these services.
  2. Work from the top down – Work on the rooms at the top of the house first, as it’s less problematic if leaks happen or work has to be done on rooms that are not already decorated. Similarly, if you are painting, work on the ceiling first so that any mishaps and splatters can be covered up later.
  3. Use your space wisely – Many Victorian and Edwardian properties have a narrow strip of garden running alongside the kitchen. Extending into this can make a real difference to the amount of space in your kitchen or back rooms, and you will not use a large amount of garden because of it.
  4. Open-plan is on trend – Many buyers, especially those with families, are looking for open plan kitchen/living areas. Building a rear extension or knocking separate kitchen and dining rooms into one large area is something that can really transform a previously closed off space.
  5. Turn your one bedroom property into a two-bed – Adding bedrooms naturally adds value to a property, with loft conversions becoming ever more popular. Other ways of adding a bedroom could mean turning a second living room or dining room into a bedroom.

To read the full article, click here. WW Brown & Sons offer all the services listed above, so contact us today for an informal discussion about your renovation, or to get a quote on your required work. Call us on 01858 465353.

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